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Missing - Joseph D’Aquisto

Joseph D’Aquisto disappeared from his home in Asheville, NC on Friday, January 11th 2002. He drove off in his truck and has not been seen since.

His red/burgundy Toyota Tacoma (VIN: 4TAPM62N3WZ000878; License plate # BVJ2537) was found at La Quinta Inn in Kingsport, Tennessee. The security guard at the hotel claims the truck has been parked at the hotel since January 2002.

The police have not found any records that indicate he stayed at the La Quinta Inn and Suites, or used local airport, train station, or bus station.

Joe did not pack any of his belongings prior to leaving and left behind things that he would never have left if he were planning to leave. One such example is his camera. He is an avid photographer who took his camera everywhere. In fact, earlier on the day that he disappeared he asked his employers if he could bring his camera to work on Monday as they were working inside the Grove Park Inn and he wanted to take some pictures. Joe is also a member of a union. He kept up with his union dues his entire working life, as it was obviously very important for his retirement. Since his disappearance, his dues have come due, and he has not paid them.

Although his debts are low, he has not paid any bills since his departure. Joe has always been a man of high integrity, and no one that knows him can imagine that he would just abandon his responsibilities, regardless of the reason. He has also never been an impulsive person. He and his wife have been married for almost 30 years.


Name:Mr. Joseph Paul D’Aquisto Sr.
Date of Birth:08/29/1941
Drivers License:North Carolina
Height:5ft 11 in
Weight:150 lbs
Hair:Black/Grey Balding

Immediate Family: Caroline D'Aquisto (wife); Valerie D'Aquisto (daughter), Lissa Felzer (daughter); Joe D'Aquisto, Jr. (son); Scott Pisano (step-son); Steve Pisano (step-son); Mary D'Aquisto (mother).

Last seen in Asheville, North Carolina on January 11, 2002. Truck found at La Quinta Hotel and Suites in Kingsport, Tennessee

Another point of contact can be Monica Caison at the CUE Center for Missing Persons (cuecenter@aol.com) Steve's number is wrong/out of date too: (720) 495-9970 The investigating sheriff is Jeff Eaton; 828-250-4655 e-mail jeff.eaton@buncombecounty.org

If any information is known that can help us learn of Joe’s whereabouts, please contact the sheriff, or Monica Caison at the CUE Center for Missing Persons cuecenter@aol.com, or directly contact his family at (720) 495-9970 or by email at stevivette@aol.com


Family of Joe D’Aquisto Sr.

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